What is Chu Sup Tsang?

Chu Sup Tsang is a non-governmental non-profit organization working to preserve and spread the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, especially those of Grand Master Lama Tsongkapa (15th century), founder of the Gelug tradition whose chief representative today is His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. The fundamental purpose of Buddhism is to help all beings to eliminate suffering and to develop ultimate happiness.

These teachings have been transmitted continuously through a lineage of Masters dating back from Buddha Shakyamuni all the way to our Masters Kyabye Khensur Tamding Gyatso Rinpoche and Venerable Geshe Tenzing Tamding, president and principal founder of the Chu Sup Tsang Foundation and the Chu Sup Tsang Monastery located in Galicia, Spain (San Amaro, Ourense).

What is the purpose of Chu Sup Tsang?

1º. To continue the work of our precious Buddhist spiritual master Kyabye Khem Geshe Tamding Gyatso Rinpoche (Khen Rinpoche) for the growth and preservation of Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, culture and religion in Spain and the world, encouraging respect for human rights and tolerance among all peoples and religions, as well as consolidating the activity of his spiritual successor in the lineage, Ven. Geshe Tenzing Tamding, in the continuation of the before-mentioned legacy.

2º. The ultimate goal of the Chu Sup Tsang Foundation is that all beings may achieve temporary as well as ultimate happiness. To this purpose, the foundation disseminates and teaches a path of realization based on the study, contemplation and meditation of Dharma, or Buddhist philosophy; this is done through a series of texts and practices from the Lineage of Khen Rinpoche. These texts and practices in their right order make up the Foundation´s Program of Sutra and Tantra Teachings, which represent an invaluable cultural legacy to the development of human values, the defense of the most disadvantaged persons and the protection of the environment.

3º.To further the study, research and application of knowledge, philosophy and culture of Tibetan Buddhism according to the lineage of the Gelugpa school founded by Tibetan Master Tsong Khapa (15th century).

4º.The conservation and dissemination of the philosophical-religious, epistemological, cultural and historical knowledge of the Mahayana Buddhist tradition and in particular of the Tsong Khapa lineage.

5º. To make these teachings more widely known among similar institutions, Buddhist and non-Buddhist, such as Spanish and international Universities, cultural, philosophical institutions with relation to current studies of the human mind and other topics in the area of Tibetan Buddhism and Western science and philosophy.

6º.The study and dissemination of the Tibetan language and culture in Spain and the rest of the world.

7º.To facilitate meetings between different religions and spiritual traditions connected by human values in order ​​to promote solidarity, tolerance and peace in Spain and the world.

8º.To participate in actions of solidarity, preservation and development of the environment both at national and international level.

9º.To help preserve as well as promote the cultural heritage of the Tibetan people (artistic, medical, architectural, artisanal, etc.).

10º. To strengthen the connection between the different associated entities in order to maintain contact and exchange information on the different activities and purposes of the Foundation, in order to further facilitate their development.

11º. To subsidize schools in Tibet or other countries where needed, to sponsor and subsidize charities among the most needy, both in Tibet and among any other people that might need it.

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