"You only need to meet a holy being once.
You do not need to know him for a long time;
yet it will make you, in any case, unbreakable".

(Tales of Yataka)




Kyabje Khensur Tamding Gyatso Rinpoche, Root Guru of our Master and spiritual director, Ven. Geshe Tenzing Tamding. Tamding Gyatso Rinpoche was abbot of the Ganden Shartse Monastery in India. He was born and lived in Tibet until his exile to India along with thousands of other Tibetans, monks and lay people, following H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama after China´s invasion of Tibet in1959.

After years of exile in India in service to Dharma and the displaced Tibetan community, he arrived in Spain, where he would later- after many years of residing there –obtain Spanish nationality. He was only four years old when he met his Master ,Venerable Lama Geshe Kelsang Phuntsog, an excellent scholar and a highly realized being, bearer of the three qualities: great kindness, great heart and great wisdom. This meeting was, according to Khen Rinpoche, the auspicious result of all the prayers made in his previous life so that the karma and seeds accumulated out of devotion for his master would awaken in this life and he would always remain by his side.

In 1986, he travels to Spain in response to the numerous pleas coming from Buddhist centres of this country. He resides in Menorca, from where he extends the Buddha Dharma through Spain and other European countries such as Germany, England, Italy and Switzerland, conquering the hearts of all beings who had the good fortune to meet him with his infinite kindness and wisdom, because he always welcomed anyone approaching him with greatest kindness and unconditional love.

In 2001, he was appointed Abbot of the Ganden Shartse Monastery by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, returning to India and completing all the tasks of his new position in an excellent manner.

On April 20th, 2002,  he attained paranirvana (passed away) at Ganden Monastery, giving a last great teaching on impermanence to all his disciples and showing numerous signs of his great realization.

On February 9, 2009, Kentrul Tenzing Samtem Rinpoche, son of Phurbu Dorje and Dechen Chodron, was born in the refugee camp of Dehradun, in India. He has been recognized by His Holiness the Dalai Lama as the reincarnation of Kyabye Khensur Tamding Gyatso Rinpoche. The place where he was born is a Tibetan refugee camp located in the mountain station of Mussoorie (Dehradun), on the Himalayan slopes; a place closely related to Kiabye Khensur Tamding Gyatso Rinpoche who was working there as a teacher of the first school established by the Tibetan central administration.

This child will in future continue the work of the great master Kiabye Khensur Tamding Gyatso Rinpoche.


Venerable Geshe Tenzing Tamding was born in Chitang, a village in the Tibetan region of Kham -Dagyab- in 1965, the year of the wooden snake. The name of his paternal family is Chu Sup Tsang, one of the most important families in the region. His father’s name was Tamding Sonam, his mother’s name is Tamding Yangzom, who – like his father – also came from a well-known and established family.
When China invaded Tibet in 1959, Venerable Geshe Tenzing Tamding´s family had lost all their properties. They fell from wealth to poverty; their house, their land, the entire possessions of several generations were expropriated by the Chinese communist government. Venerable Geshe Tenzing Tamding’s father was arrested by the Chinese: his devotion to Buddhism and to His Holiness the Dalai Lama was well known, and he was also a defender of the Tibetan Constitution.

In these difficult circumstances, Tamding Yangzom gave birth to her fourth child, Venerable Geshe Tenzing Tamding, under precarious conditions in the stable she was now living together with her eldest son Nyima and her two daughters, Yamyang and Tsering. In 1969, when Venerable Geshe Tenzing Tamding was four years old, his father was released after seven years of abuse in prison. His legs had been broken, leaving him unable to walk for life; now he had to stay at home while his wife and three eldest children worked in the fields to support the family.

All the monasteries in the area had been destroyed and there were no monks left living there; that is why each day, Tamding Sonam taught Dharma to Venerable Geshe Tenzing Tamding and the rest of the family in their little house, with discipline and caution, hiding the texts from Chinese surveillance. Within a few years, Venerable Geshe Tenzing Tamding was already able to recite the Praises to the 21 Taras and other Gelug prayers such as Refuge, as well as different mantras. He also learned the Tibetan language. The lessons he received clandestinely from his father marked him deeply and would influence him for the rest of his life.

Tamding Sonam died in 1976, at the age of 49, when he  Venerable Geshe Tenzing Tamding was only eleven years old. A few months after her husband´s death, Venerable Geshe Tenzing Tamding´s mother decided to become a nun, forced by the political circumstances to hide her habits whenever she went into public.

In 1977, 12-year-old Venerable Geshe Tenzing Tamding fled from Tibet to Nepal, crossing the Himalayas on foot along with a group of other Tibetans. After a 2-month-trip, the group arrived in India. It was a very dangerous journey during which they were continually risking their lives.

Kyabje Khensur Tamding Gyatso Rinpoche, Geshe Tenzing´s uncle, was very happy that his nephew wanted to follow Buddhist studies. In 1978, they travelled to Bodhgaya where – aged thirteen – he received the ordination to monk by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. After taking the vows, H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama met with all the new monks. When it was his turn to approach, Venerable Geshe Tenzing Tamding was asked what he wanted to do; he replied he wanted to study for the degree of Geshe at Ganden Monastery. H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama advised him to begin his studies at the Buddhist Philosophy School Institute at Dharamsala. Thus, Venerable Geshe Tenzing Tamding willingly gave up the security of staying with his uncle and, aged thirteen, set off on his way to fulfil his aspirations to continue his Dharma studies. At Dharamsala, he registered at the Buddhist Philosophy School Institute of Dharamsala where he remained for five years.

Since he spoke fluent Chinese, during his stay in Dharamsala he used to translate the teachings which H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama gave to his disciples from Taiwan.

Venerable Geshe Tenzing Tamding was very keen to finish his Geshe degree, and therefore requested permission from H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama to complete his training at Ganden Monastery University in South India. In 1982 he joined this prestigious monastery, entering directly in the tenth grade, a very advanced course.

The studies for the Geshe degree take nearly twenty years and Geshe Tenzing was incorporated directly to the tenth grade due to the high level he had already attained.

Upon completing his studies in 1993, H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama advised Venerable Geshe Tenzing Tamding to take the Geshe Larampa exams as soon as possible. Normally, candidates have to wait several years before they can take this degree exam. However, Venerable Geshe Tenzing Tamding took it early, passing all tests with excellent grades and thus becoming one of the youngest Geshe Larampas at the Monastery.

In 1997, Venerable Geshe Tenzing Tamding came to visit his uncle Kyabye Khensur Tamding Gyatso Rinpoche in Spain for the first time and teach at the centres under his guidance. He made another trip to Europe in 1999, giving several courses in Spain, England and Germany. When his uncle and Master Kyabye Khensur Tamding Gyatso Rinpoche attained paranirvana in 2002- he had been founder of the Ganden Choeling Buddhist Centre of Menorca and -at that time- abbot of the Ganden Shartse Monastery – Venerable Geshe Tenzing Tamding assumed the position of spiritual director of all centres his uncle had founded in Spain.

Under his compassionate care and spiritual direction, many other centres around the world have emerged since then, making it possible to study and practice the teachings of Buddha and everything related to Buddhist philosophy.  In 2009, Chu Sup Tsang Monastery was built under his direction in the village of Ventoselo-San Amaro (Ourense), the first Buddhist monastery in Galicia and the only one in Spain teaching a complete Program of Studies of Buddhist Philosophy in the tradition of Nalanda (India). In this monastery, which is place of permanent residence for monks and nuns from both India and Spain, various meditation activities and introduction courses to Buddhism are offered throughout the year.

Currently, the main residence of Geshe Tenzing Tamding, is divided between Chu Sup Tsang Monastery (Ourense) and Ganden Choeling Centre (Menorca), although he spends many months of the year travelling around the world, attending the different centres and thousands of disciples scattered throughout Spain, Europe, Asia and America.

His many disciples appreciate his special way of transmitting the Dharma, with a clear and direct style, his warmth, compassion and sense of humor, making his teachings easily understood and applicable to daily life.


Was born in 1977 in Mundgod, Southern India. He is the third reincarnation of the 89th Ganden Tripa. In 1980, the current Nyari Tritul Rinpoche was formally recognized as the 3rd Tritul Rinpoche.

In 1981, he joined the Ganden Shartse monastery following custom, and began his monastic studies under the tutelage of Nyari Gen Lobsang Tempa, former Abbot of the Tantric Gyuto Monastery.

In 1992, he was officially enthroned as one of the highest reincarnations at Ganden Monastery. Since 2004, he is resident master at Chakrasamvara Centre in Sevilla, Spain.

Three times a year, he travels to Chu Sup Tsang Monastery in San Amaro (Ourense) to attend the courses and retreats taught at the Monastery under the direction of its spiritual leader, Venerable Lama Geshe Tenzing Tamding.


Venerable Geshe Lobsang Yeshi was born on February 2, 1971 in Dagyab, in the Tibetan province of Kham. At the age of eight, he was ordained as a monk in Tibet, beginning his studies in grammar, philosophy, art, etc. In 1990, aged 20, he fled Tibet to live in exile in India, joining Ganden Shartse monastery – one of the most recognized monastic institutions in the world – the same year.

For 23 years he studied all the subjects of the five great treatises of the Buddhist philosophical system, completing his studies satisfactorily and graduating with honors. In 2011, he finished his studies obtaining the title of Geshe Larampa, equivalent to a PhD in Buddhist Philosophy.

In 2012, he completed his studies of Tantra at the Tantric Monastery of Gyuto.

In 2013, he received studies in modern science fields coordinated by recognized international institutions and in 2014 he was sent as Master Teacher of the Nyare Khangtsen Tour to Europe, touring various countries such as Spain, Italy and Portugal. At the end of the tour, he remained in Spain, alternating his stay at Chu Sup Tsang Monastery in San Amaro (Ourense) with visits to different Spanish cities where he teaches in different centres under the spiritual direction of our Master, Ven. Lama Geshe Tenzing Tamding.




Ven. Lama Geshe Tenzing Tamding
H.E Nyare Tritul Rinpoche
Ven. Lama Geshe Lobsang Yeshi
Guen Jampa Ngodrup
Guen Dakpa Metruk
Anilä Tenzing Kunzang
Anilä Puntsok Palmo
Anilä Tenzing Lobsang
Anilä Tenzing Palmo
Anilä Tenzing Ngeyung
Anilä Tenzing Jamyang
Anilä Tenzing Lhasam

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