The house which today constitutes the main building of the Chu Sup Tsang (“Inexhaustible Source of Wisdom”) Monastery complex was bought in 2008. It is located in the tiny village of Ventoselo, in the area of San Amaro, province of Ourense. It was originally a traditional rural Galician home, with the stables and an inner courtyard located on the ground floor, and an upper floor with kitchen and bedrooms. Currently this building houses, in a fully rehabilitated structure combining stone and wood, the common dormitories, the kitchen a dining room for approx. 60 people, and a small shop selling books and other Buddhist objects in the inner courtyard.

In 2009, the year in which reconstruction works begin, the basic infra-structure is put in place to house the very first summer course of the 10-year Buddhist Study Program whose director from the very beginning is Ven. Lama Geshe Tenzing Tamding, founder of this Monastery and promoter of the Chu Sup Tsang monastic and educational project. This minimum structure included not only rooms and kitchen, but the heart of the complex: the gompa, the place consecrated for teachings and meditation, where Dharma activity has never ceased since then.

From that year on, reconstruction, improvement and expansion has been steadily ongoing. Every year, little by little, with the indispensable help and collaboration (economic and in multiple other ways) of many dozens of Geshe Tenzing´s disciples from around the world, the dream is coming true. Currently, in 2018, the main building is fully finished and operational, hosting hundreds of people throughout the year, both during the regular Study Program retreats/classes in Spring, Summer and Winter, as well as during other times of the year for attendance of ceremonies, retreats, pujas, or weekend activities offered regularly at Chu Sup Tsang Monastery.

In addition to the main building and the existing gompa, at present there are several other small auxiliary constructions. A second phase of construction is underway, aiming to expand the capacity of the monastery’s accommodations to a further 70 places. The surrounding land has also been conditioned as much as possible. Today, the building of the Monastery is surrounded by over 30,000 m2 of oak and chestnut forests, belonging to Chu Sup Tsang. In this forest we have created a meditation foot path allowing you to walk in a circular way through this beautiful environment full of peace and calm at the heart of rural Ourense.

In our everyday life and on the immediate horizon, is the plan to continue working actively to complete the dream of our Master, Ven. Lama Geshe Tenzing Tamding who, in turn, is materialising and fulfilling the dream of his precious Master, Kyabye Khensur Tamding Gyatso Rinpoche: to expand the Dharma teachings of Buddha in the West in a stable manner, creating a place where any person interested can immerse themselves in the precious teachings of Buddha.

Chu Sup Tsang is to be the first Buddhist University Monastery in Spain teaching the subjects of the Five Great Areas of Knowledge of Buddhist Philosophy, in the tradition of the Monastery Universities of India (and formerly in Tibet) where our Masters come from. To make Chu Sup Tsang a place of meeting and study of Buddhist teachings, with the one purpose of teaching the path that Buddha Shakyamuni discovered and walked almost 2,600 years ago: the path to Enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings, through the highest development of the mind of compassion and wisdom.

The project of the Monastery-University Chu Sup Tsang is now in its third phase of execution, and in the process of being presented to the public administration of the Xunta de Galicia for approval. This third phase includes the construction of a large building (over 2500 m2) housing the library and new gompa with a capacity for up to 500 people. This will become the new heart of Chu Sup Tsang, which will beat with the pulse of thousands of sacred texts and in which the teachings of Dharma will resonate, expanding its message into the ten directions: may all beings abandon suffering and its causes; may all beings reach happiness and its causes: may all beings live in equanimity, free from attachment and aversion; may all beings remain forever in bliss.

The library and new gompa will not be the only construction in this third phase; it will be accompanied by a dozen forest cabins for individual retreats and a stupa of Enlightenment, the Buddhist monument par excellence ; a sacred architecture representing the enlightened mind of a Buddha and each stage of the path the practitioner has to pass in order to reach this state. With the building of the stupa of Enlightenment, about 17 metres in height, the Chu Sup Tsang Monastery University project will be completed, with the hope that this monument may work as an antenna, expanding the energy of Buddha’s message and the Dharma from Ventoselo to the entire world, and all worlds.

Love, generosity, ethics, service, patience, effort, forgiveness, compassion and wisdom, in the face of hatred, anger, ignorance, attachment, greed, resentment, violence , fear, which only generate suffering … The practice of Buddhist ethics can be summarized in the abandonment of any kind of harmful or violent attitude, both physical and mental. To benefit all sentient beings, humans and animals, helping them to free themselves from suffering or- until able to do so- at least refraining from harming them in any way.

May it be for the benefit of all beings.

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